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This is a temporary visa allows you to establish a new business, invest in Australia by making a designated investment also travel in and out of Australia for the life of your visa

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Skilled Visa australia Ausiaid Home

Temporary and permanent visas for highly skilled and qualified individuals who wish to fill occupation shortages in Australia. For an overview of the Skilled visa categories please

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Family Visa or Partner Visa, Citizenship at Australia

Children, parents and other family members may apply for migration to join their Australian citizen or permanent resident family members in Australia

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Visitor Visa

Depending on your country of passport, you may be eligible for a temporary visa which allows you to holiday and work in Australia for up to a year. There are two different types of

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At AUSIAID, our primary interest is to help you, to commence your visa assessment of your visa eligibility and options.



We help you migrate to Australia for permanent residency and citizenship, based on skills, work experience and qualification.



Australian citizenship is an important step in your migration journey. You may be eligible for Australian Citizenship.

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Australia Migration, the Sunshine state

Do you want to migrate to the sunshine state?

Do you want to Migrate Australia, the sunshine state? – Recent statistics released by the Migration Council of Australia (MCA) indicate that Australia needs to increase its migration levels by approximately 30% per year to boost the economy and sustain future growth. Many potential migrants may not be aware that Queensland is crying out for tradies such as the following: Automotive Electricians Metal Fabricators Pressure Welders Welders (First Class) Fitters (General) Fitters and Turners Fitters (Welder) If you have at least 5 years’ experience in one of the trades listed above, you may be eligible for sponsorship to migrate to Australia with the support of the Queensland Government. Whilst our heading pokes fun at the boys, we think lady tradies are great too (and we’re sure our menfolk would agree!). We encourage all suitably qualified & experienced tradespersons to apply. If this sounds like you or someone known to you, why […]

Australian Visitor Visa or Tourist Visa process

How to get your Australian visitor visa approved

How to get your Australian visitor visa approved: Every year, hundreds of thousands of applications are made for a visa to visit Australia. To be eligible for a Visitor visa, an applicant must genuinely intend to stay in Australia on a temporary basis for a short business visit or for tourism purposes. All applicants must be able to satisfy the requirements for the grant of a Visitor visa, which requires an applicant to demonstrate that: They have sufficient ties to their home country and thus an incentive to return home at the end of their visit. That they have access to adequate means to support themselves (and their family where relevant) during their stay in Australia. They could be asked to provide evidence of their adequate means of support. Pretty simple stuff right? Wrong. There are three different categories of Visitor visas. Your country of passport, your physical location and […]